£10 helps towards collecting and distributing food to hostels for homeless families twice a week

£30 - £100 a bed or cot to sleep on for mum, dad or a child; or up to 40 sq meters of carpet tiles on cold floors

£100 -£300 to set up 2 or 3 bedrooms with furniture;  or a kitchen with a cooker and appliances; or a family room with sofa, chairs and a table
£250 -£350 is an average grant to help set up an empty house for a family starting out with nothing
£1000 to £2000 helps for a month of grants,  keeps a van on the road delivering furniture, pays for heating and lighting

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A donation here helps us to cover our outgoings and keep making grants of essential furniture and appliances to those in need.
You can make a difference now.

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