Volunteers contributed over 5,000 hours of their own time last year. We have people from all walks of life to help us sort, collect, deliver, drive, label, repair, clean, test, display and sell stock.  Our Trustees provide management oversight and decision-making. Our PAT testers provide electrical safety testing of appliances.

A team of volunteers from Janssen-Cilag painted the inside and exterior of the warehouse this year.  

DotDotDot is a very active housing guardianship social enterprise who ask their guardians to complete 4 hours community volunteering per week.  We have received several volunteers from this worthwhile group. 

Dan Wilson, a well respected local commercial artist, has done a fantastic job updating our image, shop fronts and van in his own time over the last year.   

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Donation partner      Charity Checkout

Phone : 01494 535 890

Your donation can help -

Offset the costs of collecting and delivering furniture  £12


Beds for adults                                           around £30-£60

Children's bed/cot                                     around £20

A sofa /wardrobe / chest of drawers     around £25 -£60

A dining table and chairs                           around £40

Carpet tiles for a room                              around £25

Fridge                                                          around   £30 -£60

Washing machine                                        around £45-£60

Cooker                                                          around £30-£80

Bedlinen / clothing grant                           £20

Supporters - thank you

Wycombe District Council - Grant to install insulation in our roof to improve the heating efficiency

Bucks County Council - Local emergency support grant to help replace our van

Red Kite Housing  for  continued interest and support

Dan Wilson of Decreate for bringing back-to-life the Central Aid logo

Electric Installations  for ongoing financial and in kind support

Hypnos  for providing plastic mattress covers to protect furnishings 

Rocktek Signs for printing the new signage and covering the van

Wycombe Lodge - financial support

RAF Naphill  financial support

Wycombe Abbey School

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